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Tellthebell – The America-based restaurant, Taco Bell, conducts an online Customer Satisfaction survey called Tell The Bell.

Taco Bell is known for Mexican fast food like tacos, nachos, and burritos. They conduct these surveys to know more about customers’ experiences in their restaurants.

These questions are about restaurant facilities, environment, staff behavior, and service. In addition to that, they let the customers give feedback about food too.



This is an excellent way for customers to reach out to them with complaints if you have any. These surveys are conducted for this purpose only.

The responses recorded through these surveys are used to understand customer needs better. So, you can be sure about your complaints, or any other kind of feedback will be taken seriously.

To encourage more and more customers to participate in these surveys, often some rewards are offered. Like, a gift card or a discount coupon.

Taco bell’s reward is a little different from most. After completion of the Tell the Bell Survey, customers are eligible to participate in their Sweepstakes and get a chance to win a cash prize.

All the customers are eligible to participate only after the completion of the survey. Although there are some rules you need to follow to participate. To know more about the Tell The Bell survey and its rewards, continue reading.

How to Participate in the Tellthebell Survey?

  • The participation process is simple, like any other online customer satisfaction survey.
  • To enter the Tell the Bell survey, first, you have to visit the site
  • You will see the page as shown below.
  • You can change the language of this page to Spanish and take the survey in that language. English and Spanish are the only two languages available for the survey.
  • Here you have to enter the survey code from your purchase receipt and start. You can find it at the top of the bill.
  • If your purchase receipt doesn’t have a survey code, click on the link above the start button. It will direct you to another survey page.
  • On this page, you have to enter details for the same purchase receipt.
  • The information includes the restaurant code, visiting date, and time to start the survey.
  • There’s also an accessibility-friendly version available so a wide range of customers with different abilities can participate.
  • The survey starts with questions about your overall experience at the restaurant branch and some specific questions about orders.
  • You can rate the products you bought. Now, moving forward in the questionnaire, there will be questions about service like speed, accuracy, and more.
  • The questionnaire is quite short and you can finish it quickly. Make sure you answer all these questions, or you may not be able to proceed further.
  • Lastly, there is an optional comment box where you can describe the reason behind the ratings and answers.
  • After that, you can choose if you want to participate in the sweepstakes. If you click on yes, you have to provide your name and contact details.
  • The survey ends here. You will get details about the sweepstakes on your phone number.

Tellthebell Survey Reward

Rewards make anything more exciting. If you are thinking about leaving feedback to Taco bell, why not spend a few minutes on their survey and get a chance to win something.

Taco bells Tell The Bell survey doesn’t offer a direct reward but gives you a chance to win a $500 cash prize.

Only customers who successfully finish the survey are eligible for their sweepstakes. You can choose to participate at the end of the survey.  The winner is decided through a random drawing.

Winners are notified within one week of the random drawing. They contact the winner through mailing address and telephone, so make sure to check them.

Tellthebell Survey Rules and Regulation

There are some basic rules and regulations, you should follow to participate in the survey and the Taco Bell Sweepstakes.

  • First of all, only you should have a survey code to participate. The survey code is available on your purchase receipt.
  • If you don’t have a survey code then there is an alternative.  You can use the receipt and enter the restaurant code to start the survey.
  • Make sure you answer all the questions all the mandatory questions. The questions are basically of three kinds.
  • The multiple-choice questions and rating questions are the mandatory ones.
  • You cannot complete the Tell The Bell survey if you skip them.
  • However, the last comment box is optional. But if you choose to answer it, the comment should be less than 1200 words.
  • If you have participated in Sweepstakes, there’s a different set of rules for that too.
  • As you may know now how the sweepstakes choose winners.
  • If you don’t win, you can participate again. The non-winning entries arent carry forwarded to the next drawing round.

So, remember to participate by following the complete process again. Also, only one person can participate per recept.

Eligibility Criteria of Taco Bells Survey

All customers may not be eligible to participate in the Taco Bells customer satisfaction survey.

There are certain criteria that you must fulfill to take part in the Tell The Bell and further enter the Sweepstakes by Taco bell. Here’s a list of eligibility criteria to find out if you are eligible to participate or not.

  • The customer should be above the age of 18 years.
  • They should be a legal resident of the US.
  • Since it was already mentioned that the survey is only for customers, You should have the purchase receipt to participate.
  • Your receipt should either have the 16-digit survey code or restaurant code. In case, you don’t have the survey code, use the restaurant code along with the visiting date to enter the sweepstakes as well as the survey.
  • The employees of Taco bell or Yum Brands cannot participate in the Sweepstakes.
  • You should know either know Spanish or English to participate.
  • There’s no mention of the validity date for the receipt. You can check your eligibility by filling in the visiting date on the first page of the survey.
  • Only one person can use a receipt for participation. If you have already used it, you will not be eligible for the same purchase receipt.

About The Survey (

Tell a Bell is a free online customer satisfaction survey from Taco Bell. You can participate in the survey from It is a short survey about different aspects of the Taco Bell service. You rate your order, and level of satisfaction, and also leave feedback in less than 1200 words.

If you are thinking about writing to Taco Bell with a complaint, this is a better way to reach out to them. As the surveys, the sole purpose is to know if customers are satisfied, plus these kinds of customer satisfaction surveys are often used to make changes.

So, you can leave honest feedback and help them improve their service. This survey is an easy way of participating in taco bell’s sweepstakes. To participate, first, you have to buy food or a beverage item from Taco Bell and get a proper purchase receipt.

Your receipt must have a survey code that you can use to take the survey and, completion of that survey will make you a Sweepstakes participant as well. Through this, you get a chance to win a cash prize of $500.

If you are not interested in providing feedback, Taking this survey just for the Sweepstakes is also a good reason.  You can also check out the winners of the Sweepstakes from

About The Company Taco

In 1962, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell restaurant in California. Glenn Bell was a cook in the US marine and started with a hamburger Window, where he sold tacos.

At that time, most fast-food restaurants sold burgers and sandwiches. Taco bell brought a change for customers who were willing to try something new.

The Mexican flavor and a change from burgers were a big reason for taco Bell’s initial popularity. In 1970 Taco bell went public with 325 of their restaurants.

Now, after almost 56 years, Taco Bell has over 7000 restaurants in the US and 400 in other countries. It is also one of the most popular Mexican fast-food chain restaurants.

With the expansion in different countries, Taco Bell has made a few changes in its flavors and food to make it appealing to people of other regions. But the essence is still the same.

They experiment with different flavors in the same Mexican style. Most of their restaurants in foreign countries have California-inspired decor, so customers can enjoy the food with its history and a new unique environment.

They also have value money items on their menu.

In 2014, they introduced a special value money item called the CDollar Craving. It had 13 items for just $1. In 2019, Taco Bell also announced their online merch store called the TacoShop. They sold brand-related ornaments and clothing items too.

Tellthebell Company Menu

Taco Bell is not only famous for tacos but its variety of delicious Mexican fast food items. They experiment and keep adding something new to the original Mexican flavors. There are wraps, burritos, and more you can try out.

You can try each or take home some of their popular combos. If you are a first-time customer and you wanna try a little of everything without buying too much food, there’s an option for that too.

You can get their Try it all platter, available in both veg and non-veg. It has a taco, burrito, wrap, roll, mini quesadilla, and churros n chocolate.

Their desserts are quite different from the usual desserts. They are a mix of popular Mexican food and something sweet. Like CHOCODILLA is a quesadilla with chocolate fillings. Tellthebell

Starting from their name and specialty, Tacos.

  • Starting from their name and specialty, Tacos.

Soft Taco, Soft Taco – Chicken, Crunchy Taco Veg And Chicken, Cheesy Double Decker Taco, Mild Naked Chicken Taco, Wild Naked Chicken Taco, Fiesta Taco – Chicken, Paneer Gordita, Chicken Gordita, Chalupa

  • There are some meals and combo options too.-

Cheesy Gordita Meal For 1, Cheesy Double Decker Taco Meal, Chalupa Meal, Wild Naked Chicken Taco Meal For 2, Mild Naked Chicken Taco Meal For 1, and more.

  • Next is another famous Mexican fast food, the Burritos.

The Burrito, Tikka Masala Burrito, 7 Layer Burrito,7 Layer Burrito Meal, Burrito Roll – Potato, Mexi Wrap – Chicken.

  • They also have some quesadillas you can have on the side.

Fajita Veggie Quesadilla, Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Quesadilla.

  • Apart from that, you can also try their special wraps and rice bowls.

Vegstar Wrap, Chickstar Wrap, Bell Rice Bowl, Bell Rice Bowl, Bell Rice Bowl Meal.

  • If you are craving sweets, try out these Mexican-style desserts with a twist.

Cinnamon Twist, Chocodilla, Choco Caramel Tostadas, Churros n Chocolate.

  • For beverages, they have mocktails, milkshakes, and healthy juices too.

Customer Care and Support

Taco Bell provides customer care and support to ensure good service. There are multiple ways you can reach them. As mentioned earlier, surveys are a kind of feedback form.

Although surveys are longer and not always active. So, there are other feedback forms you can find on Taco bell’s website. Just go to the official site’s Contact Us page.

There you have to enter your name and contact details like your phone number and email address. Under that, there are options where you can choose the nature of your inquiry.

In the end, you can describe the issue in the message box and attach images if you want. This is the first and the easiest way.

The next is their customer care helpline. You can call on the number and talk to someone about your problem. It’s also easy plus fast.

Phone number:1800-822-6235

Now, most companies have their own pages on different social media platforms. So connect to them through these pages. You can either write to them on Chat or by direct message.

Or find their customer service page and tweet to them. It is better to write a private message about your concern. Taco Bell is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Tellthebell

Instagram: @tacobell

Facebook: taco bell

Twitter: @tacobell

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