– Subway Survey – Get a Free Cookie Subway Coupon – SUBWAY SURVEY – The subway officials have introduced an online survey for all their customers where they can share their most recent visiting experience at the subway outlet. Subway wants to listen to customers’ complaints and suggestions through the official Subway Customer Opinion Survey at  The Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey consisting of online questions that are easy to answer for the customer related to their last visiting experience to the outlet.

The Tell subway seriously deals with your complaints in the Subway Restaurant Survey and will execute the required changes to improve its products. So, that they can offer all their customers an enriched eating experience on their next visit.

The survey takes hardly 10 minutes of the survey of customer time and through the survey, the customer is free to address the company officials on what they want and they are their demands of their customers for the company and the company officials even assures to work accordingly.

Since the American food industry is full of high competition, it is essential to maintain all their product and as well as quality and customer service to keep foodies happy. To do so, Subway is offering Subway Online Survey at and they even offer their customers a reward after they have successfully taken the survey.

About subway

The Subway is famous as an American restaurant chain which is founded in the year 1965 by owners Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The subway company officials operate about 42431 restaurants in 112 countries. The company officials have its Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, United States.

The famous fast-food restaurant, Subway is known for offering delicious, healthy, freshly-made sandwiches which are low on calories and high in vitamins & minerals serving all its customers. For the subway, more than half of the Subway restaurants are located in the United States. Other than sandwiches, the customer can enjoy freshly-baked muffins, subway wraps, cookies, pizza, and salad offered to them by the subway company officials.

The company with a consistently expanding number of customers as well as the quality of the service. This was surely a splendid idea where an individual can get the ordered food delivered quickly within seconds to all their customers.

Subway Guest Survey Rewards

The tell subway survey is rewarding their customer well. So upon the customer completing the tell subway survey well, they will Get a Free Cookie Subway Coupon to redeem. The users can redeem their rewards as soon as they visit the next time.

Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Conditions

  • The customer Must take the Tell subway survey within 30 days of their visit to the subway store.
  • The customer Age must be 18 years or older for taking the subway survey.
  • There is only One survey and one prize per receipt only for taking the subway survey.
  • The Prize transfer is not allowed in the subway survey.
  • The customer Must keep the receipt to redeem the FREE FOODS for taking the subway survey.
  • The customer Must not be an employee of Subway Restaurant for taking the subway survey.

Subway Receipt Survey Needs

The customer must have A receipt from the Subway restaurants for taking the subway survey.

  • The customer must have A computer or smartphone
  • The customer must have A strong internet connection.
  • The customer must have a Basic Knowledge of English.

Steps to take the Tell Subway Survey.

Firstly, the customer needs to Visit the official Subway Customer Experience Survey Site at for taking the tell subway survey.

  • Next, the customer needs to Enter their Email Address, First Name, and Last Name in the space there for the tell subway survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to click on the ‘BEGIN SURVEY’ to begin their Subway listens Survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to Enter the Subway or Store and Term ID-Transition as listed on their receipt.
  • Next, the customer needs to select the date and time of visit from their receipt for the subway survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to Start answering all Subway Survey Questions genuinely in the subway survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to Give ratings and comments based on their most recent visit to the Subway location.
  • Next, the customer needs to Rate their satisfaction and answer other questions about service, foods, cleanliness, staff, etc for the subway survey
  • Next, the customer needs to Fill out a survey according to their recent visit experience in the tell subway survey.
  • Next, When the user finishes, they need to provide their contact details.
  • Next, the customer needs to submit their opinion in the Subway Survey to get their code.
  • Next, the customer needs to Write the Subway Cookie Survey code on their receipt and redeem it on their next visit.


The main purpose to start this Tell Subway survey is to get genuine feedback from their customers and provide them with better service and food at the outlets.

Subway wants to satisfy all the regular customers so they organized the tell subway which is a 5-minute survey  providing confidence in their customers to take these subway listens to survey where the customer can share their reviews directly with Subway officials.

Subway Listens is done along with the questions which enquire about present existing menu items of the Subway in the minds of the customers how they are facing all its services and the ambiance at the restaurants.

So, the customer can take the survey when they wish too and by taking the survey they are directly connecting to the company and can brief them about their problems and good reviews as well and even earn a reward after they have taken the survey.


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  1. My husband and I are seniors and go once a week on a Subway date . Our anniversary was yesterday Oct. 21 and we have been married 57 years. We have to drive almost 20 miles to the nearest Subway.
    Again we cannot get our free cookies!!! I tried to do the survey many time throughout the week because of the 5 day limit but was unable to do so because the old survey keeps coming up. Today we stopped in after church but it is the 6th day. I tried on my husband’s phone and was reminded of the 5 day limit. On my phone I just get the last confirmation number and am not able to even do the survey.

    We are very disappointed and have commented before but never even got a reply but decided to try again as we enjoy having the cookie with our sub. It is ridiculous to put such a short time limit that prevents us from this.


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