www.TellAldi.us – Welcome To ALDI Survey – Win $100

www.TellAldi.us – Do you visit the ALDL store often?. If your answer is yes. I have very good news for you.



You can have a chance to win some amazing rewards by participating in the ALDL customer satisfaction survey. They have recently launched their customer survey to understand their customers better.

In this article, I will be explaining all the essential information regarding this survey so stick to the article and let’s get started.

Steps To Participate In The Survey

  1. Firstly open your browser and visit the Aldi official website at tellaldi.us.
  2. Once you visit there you need to select the language either English or Spanish.
  3. After selecting the language, a new page opens. This is a feedback survey page.
  4. Here you will be asked to fill up the date, time, and survey code from the purchase receipt you have and then click the NEXT tab.
  5. A New page appears this is the ALDI SURVEY page.
  6. You will notice the question is being displayed on the screen.
  7. Based on your experience at telling Aldi, try to recall and answer all those questions correctly.
  8. For some questions, you need to rate them. Genuinely provide the ratings as per your satisfaction.
  9. In the place of Tell ALDI Survey Sweepstakes entry, you have to enter your contact details.
  10. And click on the submit.
  11. Finally, you have completed the total survey procedure of the TellALDI Customer Feedback Survey.

Rewards of The Survey

The rewards are given as an appreciation for taking part in the survey. The company is giving a gift card of $100.

Rules And Regulations of The Survey

  • Receipt of recent visit at telling Aldi
  • A valid email id
  • Ability to read, writes, and understands English or Spanish.
  • Only 18+ years of candidates are allowed.
  • To take part in the survey, the candidate must be a resident of America only.
  • Only one person is allowed per receipt.
  • Anywhere you won’t be able to transfer the gift to anyone.
  • The employees and family members of the company are not able to participate in this feedback survey.

Aim of The Survey

The survey aims to understand the likes and dislikes of their beloved customers.

The survey is a very essential for every company because with the help of the survey a company can understand the company’s status. And it’s important for a company to be aware of its situation to further upgrade itself.

Background of The www.TellAldi.us Survey

The absolute first store was opened as far back as 1914 in Germany. the possibility that individuals impeded by emergencies of that time ought to have the option to purchase day-to-day food things at a markdown.

Up to this day, it still holds to that notion. In later years, it became referred to in its abbreviated arrangement as the ALDI markdown store.

With over 4000 stores around the world, ALDI is a carefully prepared grocery store chain with a glad history. Be it hardware, natural product, Veg, new meats, or wine, ALDI will convey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aldi deal with complaints?

Aldi only takes those complaints that are mentioned or raised through their online contact support. There is a form that users have to fill in case there are any complaints.

The team helps with some guidelines and use the rights and template letters to assist the customers with their complaint. You can make use of Aldi’s online form for complaints and use the Resolver to solve your problem or find a solution.

How is Aldi so cheap?

Aldi keeps the prices low for its services by operating on a low-expense business model to save more. No employee offers discounts, and they sell their private items with a label of their private products.

How do I leave a complaint about Aldi UK staff?

To leave a complaint about Aldi UK staff, you can make contact at the following.

Send an Email to the Customer Service of Aldi UK at: customer.service@aldi.co.uk.

Make a call to Customer Service on 0800 042 0800 or 0333 005 0561.

Email their marketing director, Adam Zavalis, at Adam.Zavalis@aldi.co.uk.

Visit their official Customer Services.

Send a tweet to Aldi UK. www.TellAldi.us

What is the customer support number for Aldi?

You can contact Aldi for customer support through its contact numbers, 0800 042 0800 or 0333 005 0561. Both these numbers can be used for getting assistance from their support team.

Conclusion About www.TellAldi.us

The article provides you with all the necessary information regarding the survey all you have to do is follow every step given above. I have tried my best to keep the article as simple as possible.

Do participate in the survey and win some free rewards. All the best and have a nice day.

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27 thoughts on “www.TellAldi.us – Welcome To ALDI Survey – Win $100”

  1. Why did Aldi stop the liquid eggs, you carry just the egg whites, and you also discontinued the flat wrappers you
    carry the other ones, but you cannot fold them to make a fajita.
    If someone can give me a answer if these two products will come back to the stores

    The store in Abingdon is an awesome store, the employees there was very helpful.

  2. i was in my favorite aldi store yesterday 10/20/23 at 11;56 am. The people there are like friends, they are so nice and so helpful. However yesterday there was one checker, There were 12 of us in line. There was a girl walking around barking orders for us to get in self checkout, Mose of the people were elderly and were unable to including myself. She wouldnt let it go though. When one real old man with a cane said he couldnt do it she rolled her eyes at him. This went on for quite awhile until the two men behind me ask her why she didnt open another line she snapped at them and said because i dont have to. We were all in shock at how rude and disrespectful she was. She turned and went to the office and later came out and opened a register, I happened to be the first customer. Well she was extremely rude just throwing my items in my cart she broke a couple of my eggs and smashed my 4 pack of tomatoes with my bag of potatoes. I ask her if its always this busy on fridays and she just gave me a dirty look and ignored me. The guys behind me got the same treatment and the third woman the same. Her name was DASIA. she was a little overweight dark haired younger woman. I hope she is never there again. I think she should be working out on the loading dock where she doesnt have to be around people. She had a very bad attitude from the beginning like she didnt want to be there or like someone that hates their job. Several of us were talking out side and agreed about her behavior. Hopefully she gets put at another location, she doesnt fit in with all the nice people that are always there. Thank You Cynthia Kraft

  3. Frank, at the Lebanon, TN Store is a Very Friendly customer service person, He Helped me find a box to put groceries in and loaned me a cart when I was trying to get change for one. It’s nice to see people actually doing their job, and then some.

  4. Aldi’s is a store that sells quality foods for families in this unsettled time. The employees are so helpful. Thanks for coming to Landrum SC.

  5. I am very happy that Aldi’s is carrying many interesting, and delicious choices of organic products, and at reasonable prices. Thank you.

  6. Oscar is a great clerk, at the pv sldi on 380 hwy , he is so attentive and helpful, especially when I need to find an item! Thanks Oscar!

  7. I was a little disappointed today, I tried to return a box of melville oatmeal in you Topeka Ks store and was told that it was “Out of Date”

  8. I shop at all the all the time. And you can never read the numbers on the receipt. To enter any contest or anything else for that matter.

  9. Aldi is one of the best stores. I personally would love a bit better on the customer service in terms of interaction. Staff at all stores I’ve visited are efficient, but seem to opt for efficiency over customer connections.

  10. Why can’t Aldi have at least one or two CASH self checkouts in the Northampton store? When I make a purchase less than $10 I want to pay cash and finding an Aldi associate to cash me out is like looking for a golf ball in the snow. Any purchase less than $10 on my credit card signals a warning to my bank.
    When is the best day to shop Aldi as I was there today and much of the produce was empty.

  11. I really enjoy shopping at Aldi’s. In these hard economic times has become a oasis for relief without putting a major strain on the wallet. Saying that my only complaint is items go on sale in store and when I get to the register the price doesn’t get adjusted. I have to chase down a associate to try and get the price right. This is my only gripe the produce is alot fresher and the variety is awesome . Thank you for your time.

  12. I like shopping at Aldis love the selections and prices. Staff is always friendly at our Monroe WI store. Thanks guys for always being helpful.

  13. Aldi does great with their customers! It’s the perfect place for a low income mom, like myself, to go and get all of the things we need or want on our tight budget. The dye free & organic options are endless & absolutely amazing! I am a loyal aldi customer, for life 🙂 please never change up your stores!!

  14. This survey does not work.
    Love your store and products, especially gluten free selections. Wish you stil had the free pretzels. They were the best. And wish I could participate in the survey

  15. I went to the store right off hwy 100 and Greenfield and Ana was my cashier, she was very friendly and super fast!! Thanks Ana for the amazing customer service.


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