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www.Myconversevisit.com – From every point of view customer opinion is very important and thus it really matters. So the converse customer satisfaction survey has been conducted to know the true feedback and experience from the customer about the services and products for want they serve.



As per the all-over observations sometimes for the large company virtual survey is not possible and therefore they have created the system of a converse survey which is undertaken at www.My converse visit.com.

So hurry up customers participate in the converse guest feedback survey and get a chance to share all experiences that the customer had faced all over the visits to the converse store and also get free stuff by taking part in the survey.

The company will definitely understand the point of view and also suggestions which are given by my converse visit survey to bring up some improvement in some particular areas which are lacking behind.

The converse online survey is a very initiative platform for the all-around positive and negative thoughts which will be given by the customer on the basis of their experience.

As the customer will complete a converse customer experience survey and also get various offers on completing the survey.

Take the My converse visit survey @www.Myconversevisit.com


The customer needs to visit the official website on www.My conversevisit.com to begin with it.

  1. Select the prior language which will be given options.
  2. The survey process will ask you to enter the transaction number, date, time of visit, purchased amount, and store number from the receipt which is given.
  3. Each and every item is numbered sequence-wise with the corresponding number which will be mentioned in the sample receipt.
  4. After that click on the “Enter” button and proceed.
  5. The survey will ask you questions related to the visits answer them as prior.
  6. The survey will ask you about why you want to store, how satisfied you are with all the available services, have got whatever you wanted from the store? So all these questions will be asked.
  7. The survey will ask whether have you received or needed help on your first visit related to the checkout process and will ask you how long the customer was waiting in the line to be helped.
  8. The survey will ask the question about the cashier whether have they mentioned the survey applied to you give you some regard for shopping from the store or any problem
  9. The survey will ask the customer about the sale item and regular items.
  10. The survey will ask the customer to make classification questions and to tell whether they have signed up to receive emails or not.
  11. After this long process, the gift card will be provided from the point of a future visit.

My converse visit survey prizes

  • The customer will get a survey prize a $5 gift voucher.
  • The receipt is valid for 7 days only.
  • The gift card is valid for 60 days which means 2 months.
  • Whatever are the offers it will be valid only in stores 2 times as per 7 days period

Converse survey requirements


The customer should have a good flow of internet connection and smart gadgets like compute, smartphones, tablets, or laptops just to carry on the survey smoothly without any interruptions.

The participant should be able to understand the basics of English or Spanish.

The customer will need a receipt of the visit from the store for the further survey process.

My Converse Visit _www.Myconversevisit.com_ survey rules

To begin with the survey you need to purchase first at the converse store which will be the eligibility criteria to be part of the survey and also get gift card coupons.

  1. The survey code which is given on the receipt can be used once only.
  2. the survey code expires in 7 days from the day you receive the receipt.
  3. In converse stores in the US, the customer can redeem the gift card.
  4. The customer cannot combine the gift card without any other offer that too including the valid employee discount.
  5. The customer cannot redeem the gift card on a cash basis or another option can apply retroactively which will be on past purchases.
  6. The gift card expires in 2 months which means 60 days from the day when you receive it.
  7. Only one time you can use the gift card for the survey.
  8. The customer can take over 2 surveys in the time span of 7 days period.

About converse

The company came in the year 1908. Many people were not having an idea about the company but were having a subsidiary of Nike since the year 2003.

It is one of the best shoe companies which were to market to the military during WWII.

At the initial moment, the company needed to sell overall products which were in more than 160 countries all around.

Converse stores are having more than 75 retail stores in the united states and the company has more than 2000 employees working with a team and that number cannot be changed.


As the company Has gathered the information related to its working and services which are provided through the converse customer experience survey.

The company provides a comment box so that the customer can share their views in case of any problem or can report the difficulty in the comment box also the second option is you can directly contact and solve your problem.

So we got to know the main aim of every company is to trust their regular customers and to know about the working if the company and on behalf of such a big help reward the customer by giving coupon cards and gift cards and also serve them free.

So in this way, both ways relations are maintained with the view of company public relations are Even to maintained with the view of upcoming future benefits and updates of the company to get attached with the genuine customer feedback.

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