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Whataburgervisit – What A Burger Survey This survey is conducted by the Whataburger restaurant to improvise their company.



Since surveys help in improvising the restaurant but since you are giving your precious time taking the survey as a gratitude Whataburger restaurant is giving you amazing rewards after you take the customer satisfaction survey.

The rewards will be discussed further in the blog. Stay with us to know more about the survey because you are in the perfect place from where you can know all the information about the survey.

About the survey

Ever visited a Whataburger restaurant nearby? yes? Have you given the survey there? No? But why? Just imagine getting a free food product as a reward! is not it tempting. Then hurry up and visit the whataburger restaurant nearby.

Take the survey and help the restaurant to improve its quality of food, survey ,hygiene and survey with your single honest review. This amazing survey is held by the restaurant itself.

But you will be only able to take party in the survey if you have visited the restaurant recently and have bought a product for yourself. Whataburgervisit

How to take part in the Whataburgervisit survey

1. First of all visit the Whataburger restaurant and buy a product there and have the receipt with you in handy.

2. You need to go through the Whataburger Survey official Site which iswww.whataburgervisit.com. to take the survey.

3. There will be an option to select your language among English or Spanish. You can select one according to your preference.

4. Enter the survey code printed in your receipt and click on start to go to the survey page.

5. In case you don’t have a survey code. you can enter the store number located on your receipt and click on start.

6. There you will need to enter the date and hour of your visit from the receipt and again click on start to start the survey.

7. Once the survey has began you have to rate the products according to your satisfaction to disappointment and you have to answer all the questions asked according to your last visit to whataburger according wise.

8. After the fulfillment of the survey, you will get your Free Coupon Code. Spare it and carry it with you at your following visit to Whataburger.

Benefits and Rewards of Whataburger

Whataburger Restaurant acknowledges your precious time which you gave to take the survey. So it has also arranged the rewards.

The rewards either hold a free coupon which has a ‘ large size burger’ gain code in it with where you can get some potato chips as well. This reward is available for all customers who has taken the survey.

It has no lucky draws in it. Getting a free large sized burger in your next visit is such a mouth tempting reward now! I mean now who hates free reward products or food.

So you are waiting to visit the nearby whataburger restaurant, have some products for yourself and give your honest review on the restaurant in the survey and get the free large sized burger on your next visit with the help of the validation code which you will get after taking the survey. Whataburgervisit

Terms and Condition

1. To take part in the survey you need to be a lawful resident of US.

2. You have to be 18 at least to take part in the survey.

3. If you are taking the survey you need to have the receipt of the restaurant handy..

4. You need to have an electronic gadget like Laptop/Pc/Smartphone with a decent internet
connection which can connect you to the website to take the survey.

5. You need to have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish.

6. You can only take part in the survey one time per receipt.

7. Take the overview inside 3 days from the issued date of a receipt.

8. You have to use your coupon within 30 days after taking the survey.

9. Offer will differ and can not be debatable into money or some other choices.

About Whataburger Restaurant

Whataburger restaurant was established in the year of 1950 in August 8 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. It is a privately held family restaurant. Whataburger is an American regional fast food restaurant chain.

The headquarters are present in San Antonio, Texas. The first Whataburger was opened in Corpus Christi, Texas. It has a total number of 824 locations as per April 2018 survey.

Tho the restaurant is managed by a private equity but still a small part of stake is owned by Dobson family. The CEO of the restaurant is Ed Nelson under whom 40,000 employees do work in as per June 2019 survey.

There are more than 670 stores in texas. The company’s core products includes the “Whataburger”, the “Whataburger Jr.”, the “Triple Meat Whataburger”, the “Bacon & Cheese Whataburger”, “the “Justaburger”, the “Whatacatch”, and the “Whatachick’n”.

The company also has a breakfast menu with products such as Hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, french fries and milkshakes.

Conclusion About Whataburgervisit

So, I just hope you cleared all your doubts and confusion about the Whatabout survey. Since I tried my best to do research and provide you with all the information that is needed for the survey. In case you still have any doubts about the survey . You can comment it down or check the official website of whataburger restaurant. Until then good luck and see ya!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Where can you contact in for queries an complaint? Do Whataburger provide Customer care service?

Ans: Yes, Whataburger does provide Customer care service. You can contact in the following Customer Care No.: +1 210 496 4000 (San Antonio) or +1 972 756 0096 (Irving) to clear your doubts ,queries or complaints.

2. Where the official headquarter for Whataburger restaurant is at.

Ans: Whatabrands LLC, 300 Concord Plaza Dr., San Antonio, Texas, United States – 78216 is the official headquarter address of whataburger restaurant.

3. Is Whataburger only in Texas.

Ans: No! It has many locations other than in Texas

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