Talktowendys – Welcome To Wendy’s – Win Prize of $500 Cash

Talktowendys – Wendy’s is inviting their loyal customer to complete their short survey that is organized by Wendy’s company which is located at

All the users who are participating in the survey get the chance to win good rewards and other prizes as well.

In the survey, Wendy’s asks their customer to respond to several questions regarding their recent eating experience at Wendy’s.

To complete Wendy’s customers, survey the user is required to provide honest and correct information to let them how are they doing with their services and products offering and the ambiance of the restaurant.

Therefore, the voice of the opinion and feedback of the customer is very important to the company to find its loopholes.

Improve their services and serve better dinners in the future, so that the customer has a wonderful time the next time they visit the store. In return, they also offer their customer a chance to win free Wendy’s coupons & other prizes as well.


If the user is interested to take part in the survey, then they can simply login into their official site the site is easy to access as well and it takes only a few minutes to your busy schedule to complete the survey and earn such good rewards.

How to take part in Talktowendys?

  • First things first, the user needs to access the web and then log in to the official site of Wendy’s customer survey at
  • Next, the user needs to select the language which is either English or Spanish or French in Wendy’s survey.
  • Next, the user needs to enter the date and time of the visit that Is located on your receipt of the Wendy’s
  • Next, the user needs to start the survey by clicking on the start button in Wendy’s survey.
  • Next, the user needs to rate accordingly to their experience that they felt overall at Wendy’s restaurant
  • The user needs to give a rating on the customer service during the recent visit including the service, food, staff, cleanliness, environment, etc. provided by Wendy’s restaurant.
  • The user is required to answer all the questions honestly in the satisfaction survey.
  • Next, the user needs to provide correct personal details like the contact number, name, address
  • Next, the user needs to provide the correct and valid email address for the survey.
  • Next, finally, the user would get a survey of the offer provided by the Wendy’s company
    Wait for the sweepstakes results.

Rewards for Talktowendys Survey

When the customer completes the survey using, then the customer is eligible to get the rewards like

  • Win a free Wendy’s coupon
  • Win a coupon for the BOGO offer
  • Win a coupon to get a free sandwich
  • Talktowendys

What is required to enter the talk to Wendy’s customer survey

  • The user must have a receipt of talking to Wendy.
  • The user must have a smartphone or tablet or pc or a smartphone to complete the talk to Wendy’s customer survey.
  • A proper valid email address of the user is required for the talk to Wendy’s customer survey.
  • The user must know basic English or Spanish in the customer survey of Wendy’s.
  • Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey: Rules and Eligibility.
  • The user must have purchased from the store to enter Wendy’s customer survey.
  • The user must be a legal citizen who must be residing in the united states of America to participate in Wendy’s survey.
  • The user should be 18 years old and above to participate in the survey Wendy.
  • The company’s employees are not allowed permission to participate in Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey.
  • The user must be able to understand either English or Spanish; as only these languages are available in Wendy’s survey.
  • They must have the receipt and validation code to redeem in the restaurant of Wendy’sThe prizes cannot be transferred.
  • Only one coupon is eligible per person in Wendy’s survey.
  • The prize can be redeemed by a single person only after successfully completing the survey.
  • Moreover, the user should answer all the questions.
  • A valid email address is required to enter Wendy’s survey.
  • Wendy’s coupon cannot be applied to any COMBO items.

About Wendy’s

The company Wendy was established on 15th November in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Dave Thomas is the owner of Wendy’s. currently, the headquarter is in Dublin, Ohio, united states of America.

The current CEO of Wendy’s is TOFF A. PENEGOR. Wendy has been successfully working hard for the last forty-six years and it has really created a positive response from its customers.

And it has also set a high standard in the growth and market of the united states of America.

Wendy’s has some delicious meals like sandwiches, burgers, fries, and good beverages as well. Wendy’s provides its customer with a lot of tasty food and also provide a coupon to their customer so that they are attracted to Wendy’s company.


Wendy’s is a big branch that deals in fast food that provides a huge variety of delicious fast food to customers.

By using Wendy’s survey customers are able to use the code that is printed on the receipt. Wendy’s gives its customer get to know about the services and products offered by them.

The survey of the customer helps the company Wendy to develop itself and provide the best services to its customers.

It’s a great opportunity for the customers to tell them about their views and opinion and about the services that are offered to the local customers.

So, in the survey, the customer can tell them what they want and tell them about their personal experience with the store.

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