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PublixSurvey – What is your best approach to food shopping? Is it Publix, or something else? If that’s the case, I’ve got some fantastic news for you!



The Publix Customer Survey, available at, is designed to collect your valuable and authentic input based on your recent visit to them.

You must answer a few simple questions in the Publix Feedback Survey to be eligible for a prize.

They will be able to enhance their product quality and services with the help of the Publix Customer Feedback Survey so that your next visit to a Publix location will be better and more improved.

All participants who successfully complete the Publix Feedback Survey will be entered to win the Publix Sweepstakes Prize.

How to take the PublixSurvey?

The Publix survey is conducted online, and there are a few different ways to complete the Publix survey. –

Participants must go to to complete the survey.

The second step is for participants to choose a language that they are most familiar with, whether it is English or Spanish.

The participant must also enter the 18-digit survey code, often known as the TRN Number.

The participant must then go to the website and click the start button. (Although the survey code or TRN number is printed on the Publix receipt.)

The participants must now complete the questions that have been posted on the website. Questions will be asked on Publix, delivery, items, location, price, and a variety of other topics.

Finally, the respondent must provide their email address, home address, and contact information.

This is the last step of the survey. As a result, the participant must press the submit button.

Benefits & Rewards

By participating in the survey, you can win a substantial sum of money. The Publix survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

You can win up to three $1000 monthly gift cards at the conclusion of the survey. Within three days, you must visit your local Publix store to redeem your $1,000 gift card.

Terms & Conditions

The age for participation is 18 years old. As a result, anyone over the age of 18 is qualified.

Only legal citizens of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee are eligible to participate in this survey.

As a result, outside of specified territories, the Publixsurvey is null and void.

It is governed by all laws (federal, state, and local).

All expenses and incidental fees, such as federal, state, and local taxes, are completely the responsibility of the survey winners.

Only one entry per household is permitted to win a prize.

The prizes are not transferrable and cannot be changed with cash.

This supermarket makes no express or implied guarantees or warranties about the rewards it offers.

It’s critical to have a genuine Publix purchase receipt with a survey code on it.

Any device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, is required.

A basic understanding of any language, such as English or Spanish, is required.

For a smooth flow of answering its questionnaire, you’ll need a reliable internet connection.

Entrants must have a valid email address, phone number, and mailing address.

About Publix

Publix is a well-known and extensive chain of supermarkets in the United States, founded in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida.

The company has dealt in many categories throughout the previous 26 years, and their revenue has increased to over $1 million in revenue and is rapidly growing.

The organization has always sought to give exceptional services to its clients by organizing their comments since its inception.

It has always had a wide range of household supplies on hand to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers. Not only that, but the firm also operates in other industries such as real estate, catering, and money services.

However, the supermarket industry is where it makes the most money. It now operates over a thousand locations across the southeast United States, including Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.


This post contains all of the pertinent information on the Publix Opinion Survey, which can be found at

I hope you took the Publix Satisfaction Survey and entered to win a Publix Gift Card as a result of this post.

FAQs About PublixSurvey

1. What will you gain from the Publix Survey?

Gift Card from Publix in the amount of $1000

2. How will the winner be contacted by Publix?

The chosen winner will be contacted, and they will have 72 hours or three business days to respond.

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