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Mcdvoice, an online survey conducted by the McDonald’s team. The customer satisfaction survey is conducted by the survey team to get feedback from the visited customers.



If the customers have any issue with the food service provided by McDonald’s, then the customers can enter their complaints and suggestions as well.

To participate in the online survey of McDonald’s, you need to read the following post of Mcdvoice very carefully.

Purchase food receipt from the McDonald’s food store:

How one can participate in the survey and what are the basic requirements to complete the survey successfully is the basic thing first the customers have to understand.

The purchase receipt of the food store plays a vital role to enter into an online survey of McDvoice.

On the final food order, the food store team will provide the billing receipt to the visited customer. The receipt has been safely held by the customer to get the entry into McDvoice. As the survey entry of 10-12 digits is well printed on the receipt.

Online device – Computer, laptop, or android phone:

To reach the official survey website of the McdVoice, the participant has to use an online device like a computer or laptop. In case, participants don’t contain the listed online device then he or they can use a mobile phone.

Internet connection should be strong to connect with the survey homepage. Use the Wi-Fi tab in case of an online device to complete the survey.

Mcdvoice language selection:

On the homepage of the official survey, the participant has to choose the language. Two language options are available such as English and Spanish.

That’s why the participant must be well familiar with the survey language. As per language knowledge, the participating customer can choose one language.

Win the Mcdvoice

How to win the Mcdvoice survey? To win the rewards of the survey, the participating customer has to use the following step-by-step guidelines:

Firstly, the participant has to reach the official survey website of McDonald’s. Need to use any convenient online device with a strong internet facility.

Enter the survey entry code by using the McDonald’s purchase receipt. Don’t enter any wrong digits of the survey entry code. Otherwise, you won’t able to reach the survey’s main page.

In the next section of the page, one language has to be selected by the customer. Then the customer will be redirected to the page of the survey questions.

To answer all survey questions honestly, the participant has to give his or her personal information with the correct contact details.

In the last step, check the filling survey page again.

Press the submit button. Within seconds, the participant will get a validation code to get a reward from the food store.

Mcdvoice Questions

The survey questions are related to the visit to the food store. Which food the customer has ordered? How was its quality? How much he or she has paid for it? these are some basic questions has to be answered by the customer.

Another topic of survey questions are:

  • Foodservice speed
  • The behavior of the McDonald’s team
  • Any complaint
  • Suggestions


To redeem the reward code the participant has to visit McDonald’s again. The reward of the Mcdvoice is a free burger and cash-back on the food orders.

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